Recent Calarts grad working at Jib Jab in Venice, CA.
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Here is some of the rough design work Jason ReicherNikki Stafford  and I played around with while working on the When Pigs Fly project , and the top image is the final layout we used.


Jason Reicher, Jacob Streilein, and I got the opportunity to design and animate a logo for Gary Glasberg’s new Production company “When Pigs Fly Inc.”

Gary has been the showrunner for NCIS, The Mentalist, and Bones and was a really cool guy to work with. The logo will air on Tuesday nights on CBS after NCIS: New Orleans.

We all worked together on the visual development but Jacob did most of the color and design work as well as painting the beautiful background. Jason did some awesome rough animation for the pig that I tied down. We all animated some miscellaneous background elements and I designed the logo letters and animated the shine. Jacob had a huge hand in the compositing and work flow and Jason did a huge amount compositing work that really tied the whole thing together! It was a pretty fun project altogether.